Sharing Practical Wisdom: "Dear Prudence..."
What is the nature of practical wisdom and why is it important to share? Practical wisdom is knowing what is the right thing to do at the right time in a particular context. Sharing wisdom serves both the wise (for wisdom comes from self-reflection) and others.

Ethics of marketing influence
Marketing has a strong influence on people's consumer behavior. Is it true? And is it right (ethical)? Influence is inevitable given that humans are social animals. The various forms of influence are elaborated, how marketing executes them is explained, and the question of whether marketing's use of such influence is powerful and ethical is explored.

Sleeping with the enemy
Rather than demonize "big food," we should be trying to sit at the table with them. Use their knowledge, their resources, and appeal for their help in addressing the problem consumers.

Is food marketing making us fat?

Marketers are fat cats, public health are dogmatists, and meanwhile, the consumers are the piggies in the middle. Solving the obesity problem requires swallowing some unpalatable pills.

Big portions, big waist: portion size effects on consumption

Doubling a portion increases consumption by 35% on average. Increasing sizes of smaller portions will increase your waste, increasing already bigger portions leads to waste.

Moving people: susceptibility vs influence

Understand the influenc-ability of people, the biases that affect us, and the key principles of influence. 

Social media for marketers: Listen up!

Social media fill in an important gap in the marketing exchange process: they allow customers to speak. Tools, tips and case-studies on how to use social media, how to listen and how to act.

Quality from qualitative research

Get more out of qualitative research by better understanding what qualitative research does and does not do.

W(h)ither marketing research?
The world of marketing research may be changing, but the basic principles remain the same. And attending to those principles makes research - now or then - more effective.

Three cheers for new beers

Tracking through the (re)birth of boutique brewing in Australia in 1985 to the present offers some fascinating and useful insights on marketing strategy, niche-marketing and entrepreneurship. 

Marketing Principles: De Light Version
Revisiting the basic concepts in order to more fully grasp the magical power of marketing. The jargon is not powerful, the core concepts are.

Other topics:

   - branding

   - data analysis

   - ethics

   - marketing

   - philosophy

   - research methods

   - social marketing

   - social media

   - statistics

   - strategy

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