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"Short & blunt,
challenging &
often mistaken

I am a bit of a maverick (meaning "unbranded" in the original sensewith interests in applied ethics, consumer psychology, data analysis, practical philosophy, public health, research methods, & social marketing. 

I am interested in :
  • what is true?
  • why is truth so elusive?
  • what is good (and wrong) - and by what basis?
  • why is scepticism in thought so difficult to accept?
  • why do people think in binary terms which denies the complexity, nuances, even impenetrability, of the world?
I am fascinated by the gap between thought and action, and how the world might best deal with wicked problems, that is, those problems without easy solutions, and/or where available solutions appear to bring both benefits and harms.

For example, the free market seems to work remarkably well, but does not adequately solve inequality, nor resolve the tragedy of the commons.

More specifically, universal vaccination offers a public good, but limits individual rights. 

Gender inequalities are a problem, but are experienced by both males and females. The inequalities experienced are different, and righting these differing problems often creates new problems. 

The problem of obesity arises due to the success of the free market system to create and deliver abundant food for cheap prices. There appears to be no easy solution to this largely unintended consequence despite the considerable efforts of policy-makers, public health, consumers and even marketers.

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