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Stephen S. Holden

"Short & blunt"

A maverick (meaning "unbranded" in the original sense) researcher with interests in applied ethics, consumer psychology, data analysis, public health, research, & social marketing. 

He is particularly interested in questions such as "what is (the) good?" and "what is the right way to live?" He also does empirical research, much of it examining the psychology of consumption, with a particular focus on the consumption of food, drugs, and alcohol. He is fascinated by "wicked problems" and systemic problems such as obesity which he sees as arising from a perfect storm created, mostly unwittingly, by marketers, consumers and even aided by well-intended interventions by public health and policy-makers.

For more information:
-          halfamind2.com (professional blog/trade publications)
-          theotherglassceiling.com (book)
-          ResearchGate (academic publications)
-          Google Scholar (citations)
-          LinkedIn
-          @SS_Holden (Twitter)

Contact: stephen.halfamind2@gmail.com